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Mumbai based Megha R Israni and her team of Photographers and Cinematographers specialize in creating Stories for a lifetime. As for Megha, she is a self proclaimed dreamer who likes to create her own small fantasies for people in love, be it a story of a two Souls in love, or the unconditional love a father has for a daughter or even stories of family ties.. The backbone to her success fashion Photographer Luv Israni who also contributes to the authentic Pre weddings personally captured thro...

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Best Wedding Photographers In Mumbai | Israni Photography

We all know how important a wedding is for the bride and groom. And to live those moments forever the couple want a photographer, so that he/ she may capture those happy moments for eternity. And the couple doesn't just want any wedding photographer the couple wants the best wedding photographer for their special day. And a wedding photographer is someone who captures all the activities of the wedding while the focus being the bride and the groom.

Wedding photography in India is flourishing very rapidly. New trends and exciting things are introduced every other day. The social media has a lot of effect on the wedding industry as people are always interested and updated by what the celebrities and other people do on their wedding days. It's like everybody can see each other's wedding very closely on social media with all the details. And due to social media, these trends keep on changing. And as we are moving forward in time, a lot of the older trends are becoming outdated.

Why should we set aside traditional wedding photography?

Nowadays people find traditional photography monotonous and boring. And this is the reason people are trying out new things with their wedding photo shoots. And there are many new aspects of wedding photography that have come forward due to this. Old traditional wedding shoots are out and if you decide to get one for your wedding then you're going to stand out in a bad way and nobody wants that. People want to be ahead of everyone else hence all these trends are so popular in the first place. 

With a society where each of us can see what others are doing, we see new trends daily, and those are the ones we should go for. Some of the photo shoots that are very popular nowadays are Pre wedding, Wedding and even destination wedding photo shoots. And that's not it! People also go for Luxury wedding photo shoots. These shoots are the ones that cover the so-called Big Fat Indian Weddings.

Luxury wedding shoots are very different from any traditional wedding photo shoot. Each and every detail in the luxury shoots are well thought through. And there is also Premium Wedding Photography. Because if you are going to have a premium wedding, then why not a premium wedding photo shoot? And with all the new things in style like the smoke bomb exits, it is the photographer that plays an important role in capturing those surreal moments that only occur once in a bride and grooms life.

Why these trends are most popular in metro cities like Mumbai?

People living in metro cities like Mumbai and Delhi are trendy and fashionable. They don't get tired of following major trends, as people from Delhi and Mumbai usually the ones who start these in the first place. People here love the social media attention, and what can get you more attention than your wedding photos?

As people are up to date with all the trends they also know that only following trends won't do, but they also have to hire the best wedding photographers in Mumbai, if they want to flaunt their wedding photos online. 

When it comes to Wedding, couples always go for best wedding photographers in Mumbai as they know that the better the photographer the better the wedding album. And you really should be looking forward to hiring the best weddings photographers in Mumbai too as they will be experienced and skillful. A regular wedding photographer will not be able to meet your expectations that you have been building for some time. Another huge difference that you are going to notice is in the service. Top wedding photographers in Mumbai are experienced and are aware of all the challenges that they might have to face during a wedding shoot, but a regular wedding photographer might not be that skillful. A general photographer may not be good with providing services other than photography.

What are the things the best wedding photographers in Mumbai has to be good at?

It's not just about capturing the bride and groom, a photographer captures the children playing the cousins having fun and also the family members.

And the best wedding photographers in Mumbai has to be good at capturing emotions and moments whether it is the chemistry between the couple or the love between the bride and her father.

So, in this scenario, the best wedding photographers in Mumbai always needs to be updated about what the recent trends are going on in the industry so that they can satisfy their clients to the fullest. After all, the clients always come first in the industry. This is because the best wedding photographers in Mumbai are selling their services directly to the client and for this to happen they need to try their fullest to provide up to the mark services with full accountability and responsibility. The professionals like wedding planners, wedding photographers, etc. can never lag behind their work as it is the matter of one day and things just can't go wrong. So if you are searching for the best wedding photographers in Mumbai, you have the right address. We at Israni Photography will be happy to help you with that.

Why to choose Israni Photography as the best wedding photographer in Mumbai?

We at Israni Photography believe in innovation as we are led by a dreamer named Megha R Israni. Megha started her career with fashion photography and due to her hard work, she has reached in life where she is now. We here are a team of passion-driven photographers and cinematographers who love capturing the special moments of your wedding so that you can cherish those moments even after many years your wedding. We also provide exceptional services apart from photography like makeup, hair and outfits, you name it and we got it. So if you are someone who is looking for Best Wedding Photographers in Mumbai then you should really consider as we are a Mumbai based company who have shot hundreds of wedding here.