Glam and Glitz at Aarti and Visharad’s Wedding | Israni Photography


Whenever we capture a couple at their wedding, their memories stay with us. It may sound a bit too much but we don’t just invest our time and equipment, we also build an emotional connection with them. Recently we got a chance to capture the wedding of Aarti and Visharad and honestly, it was one of the most amazing experiences we had. This beautiful couple had such a beautiful connection and warmth that could melt the ice from the mountains and bring calm to chaos.  

While shooting couples during the wedding, we try to be a little different from regular. We don’t want to click the traditional kind photos because there’s so much more one can experiment and so many poses that one can try that it becomes a waste of effort to not try them. This is the reason why we loved Arti and Visharad so much. The couple was more than ready or you can say, very keen to try different poses as you can see from the pictures below. 

Whether it was a solo shot, a couple shot or a shot included family, each one of them reached perfection because of the confidence and charm that the couple held in themselves. 

If you also want your wedding photographs to be outstanding and a piece of beautiful memory then you can contact Israni Photography. We are a team of photographers and cinematographers based in Mumbai who tries to maintain a perfect balance between creativity and technicalities in photography.

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Written Date

18 Jan, 2020