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We here at Israni Photography have done many photoshoots in Mumbai, Whether it be Wedding, Pre Wedding or Candid Wedding Shoot. And we have seen that the most common problem that a couple faces is choosing the best location for their Pre Wedding Shoot in Mumbai. So we have taken this upon ourselves to help you have your Pre Wedding Shoot in Mumbai at the best places. Here are some of the places that we think are fit for a beautiful Pre Wedding Shoot in Mumbai:


  • Gateway of India -

We have even seen in many movies that this is one of the best Pre Wedding sites in Mumbai. This is a popular place hence you should only come here for the pre wedding shoot when there are not a lot of people present here. Here you can have an iconic pre wedding shoot that will stay with you for many years to come. And another fact the makes it so amazing is that the gateway of India is a symbol of leaving the past behind and starting a new life ahead, what exactly the couple does during the wedding phase.


  • Bandstand -

Apart from having the bridge at the back which makes the perfect backdrop for a pre wedding shoot the place is situated at the end of the road where all the famous Bollywood stars live. If you want a romantic pre wedding shoot in Mumbai then this is the right place for you. At night, with the lights on, the bridge looks magnificent and makes the scene even more elegant.


  • Juhu Beach -

What is a better place than a beach for a lovely pre wedding shoot? People love going to the beach regardless of a photoshoot. Here you just have to make sure that you come here at a time where the beaches are clean and don't have elements that might ruin your pre wedding shoot for you. The beach as a backdrop looks mesmerizing. Your whole pre wedding shoot will get a destination pre wedding shoot vibe if you choose to do it here at the Juhu Beach.


  • Vasai Fort-

The best thing about this place is that here Coldplay shot their song Hymn for the Weekend which now has 1.2 Billion views on Youtube. It is surely one of the best places in Mumbai for a pre wedding shoot in Mumbai. All you have to do is make sure that your Outfits' color matches the brown walls of the fort and another amazing thing about this place is that there is a beach just next to the fort. So when you are done with the fort, you can have some amazing shots st the beach.


So if you are a couple or even a photographer who is looking for inspiration for pre wedding places in Mumbai then these are some of the best options that you have.


Written Date

20 Dec, 2019