Multi-Themed, Gigantic Wedding of a Lovey-Dovey Couple | Israni Photography


As you scroll down to the pictures of this huge, beautiful, and extravagant wedding of Bhavik and Palak, trust me you will have just have the wow moment. The Wedding venue, decor, lighting, pragmatic floral decoration, royal dresses, jewelry, and the enthusiasm of the couple and the guests made the exuberant wedding rocking. 

It is not just a wedding but a celebration of a sacred festival of the two individuals vowing to remain with each other for life, it is the blend of pre wedding and wedding ceremonies that went on for days. 

From funny performances to the dancing performance by the couple on a royal rampart, festooned with colorful lights and the flowers, the couple had a romantic time to celebrate the wedding among the loved ones and the family members and simultaneously get clicked by one of the best wedding photographers in Mumbai, Israni Photography. 

The owl-themed wedding which had owl-decorated cake and the owl-shaped stage was one of the unique weddings that we covered so for. The decorations of the stage were just amazing and alluring, the flowers that kept showering lit up the romantic aura at the wedding, and the zest of the guest kept it going. 

We captured the couple in different styles before the wedding ceremony and during the wedding as well. From giving romantic poses, and vintage classical in different outfits to the emotional farewell, we covered the wedding eloquently and flawlessly. 

While the bride was getting ready to steal the show on her d-day, we captured some of the most stunning pictures of Palak while she was been adorned by the stylists and makeover artists. 

As enthusiastic Baraat led by the groom, donning red embroidered sherwani, enters the gigantic venue, with the bride, flower-designed red lehenga, sitting on the huge royal-styled bride throne, the circumambulation around the sacred fire, the exchange of Varmalas (floral garlands) by the couple, and the emotional farewell, Israni Photography covered all the significant moments flawlessly and candidly.

Written Date

13 Jan, 2020