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A bridal portrait is a shoot that is done only to appreciate and apprehend the beauty of a bride on her wedding day. And as this is such a big deal for the bride she wants everything to be perfect. But most of the time the bride is not really bold in front of the camera. And we here at Israni Photography understand that it is not easy for a bride to have a smooth and seamless bridal portrait shoot despite having half of the responsibilities of a wedding. So here are some tips for you to follow if you want to look more confident for your photoshoot:



  • Get you beauty sleep

This might sound funny, but you need to have your beauty sleep before the bridal portrait. And we know that it is not easy for the bride and groom to get a good night's sleep before the biggest day of their lives. But when you sleep well, you are refreshed and your skin has a distinct glow that is clearly noticeable. And when you are not tired and have glowing skin you are automatically more confident in front of the camera.

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  • Choose the Perfect Wedding Dress

Your dress is surely one of the foremost things that grabs the most attention at the wedding. And it also plays a major role in your bridal portrait. Not just to make you look good but also make you feel confident. You should choose a wedding dress that suits you and fits you perfectly. And this is because when you look good you already feel confident, and that is what you want in a bridal portrait.

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  • Be Yourself

It is okay to look for inspiration as long as the ideas don't make you have unrealistic expectations. And this is the reason we suggest you take inspirations from the internet but still be comfortable in your own skin. And problems arise when you try and do what your friends do. Hence it is always suggested that you should be yourself to be confident.

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  • Realize that it's okay to mess up

The main reason for a bride not being much confident in front of the camera for her bridal shoot is the pressure of everything being perfect. And as a bride, you should understand that it okay if things don't go as planned. And not to forget that some of the best and most memorable moments are made by going with the flow.


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  • Do Your Homework

Another way to get rid of your nervousness is to be prepared. And by being prepared we mean you should look for inspirations and ideas from the internet. And you can also communicate with your photographer so that he/she has a clear idea of what kind of bridal photoshoot you are looking for. When you are done looking for inspiration, it is the same as taking an exam fully prepared which automatically gives you a confidence boost.

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Hence these were some tips that you should definitely consider if you want to look beautiful as well as confident for your Bridal Portrait Shoot. 

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Written Date

02 Mar, 2020