Top 5 Wedding Teasers That Will Make You Fall In Love!


Weddings are the most exuberant and sacred events, which are celebrated among the family members, loved ones, and friends with high spirits and enthusiasm. These events are onetime events in the couple's life, making it the ideal day for the couples and family to celebrate it with utmost perfection and precision. Having covered weddings across the country and abroad Israni Photography brings to you the most amazing and unique wedding teasers that will make you fell in love with dramatic photography and aesthetic cinematography.


In this teaser, we cover the most spectacular weddings at splendid locations and serene wedding venues, it also reveals some beautiful and the emotional moments during the wedding rituals. The most amazing about these weddings are the elegant buildings festooned with lights, celebrations amidst the smoke bombs, the dance, boat cruise, bride walking down the aisle, and the sermons by the Pandit while the couple perform the Pheras around the sacred fire, with fireworks lighting up the sky flawlessly. Emphasizing the moments of bliss, emotions, love and


Brides are the main spotlight at any wedding that we have covered so far. They invest so much energy and time to prepare and get ready for the ideal day of the wedding. In this video, we covered the Madhuri Bhattacharya on her wedding day, her makeup, dress, her ornaments and jewelry, and above all her passion and gorgeous smile.


Weddings are the most emotional events where the two birds fell in love and commit one's life for each other and vow to live the whole life together in times of grief and success. This teaser includes all the emotional moments of the wedding where the bride and the groom celebrate the most significant moments of life. In this, we also showcase some of the stunning moments form Isha Ambani's wedding.

Some weddings are the most extravagant and some become more than that when the celebrity hits the stage. In this teaser, we will make you believe that weddings event attended by Actors, artists, politicians and even industrialists. In this video, you will see the King of Bollywood, Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan, Ayushman Khurana, Jacqueline Fernandez, Govinda, and so on.


A wedding on a cruise is very sophisticated and the most elegant style to have a marriage. In this teaser, we cover Neil and Deiya, who had an amazing and romantic wedding ceremony on MSC Meraviglia. They called it seven days of madness where the couple wanted everyone to celebrate not only the wedding but disconnect from the rest of the world and enjoy the cruise and the feelings at the ceremony.

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Written Date

18 Dec, 2019