The Sangeet Significance



The Sangeet Significance

One of the most sought after celebrations and much talked about pre-wedding events is the Sangeet. A celebration that sets no rules and is the union of two families that involves them in an interactive arrangement which is no less than a wedding ceremony. . The Bridal couple pay more attention to the Sangeet as it has the involvement of not just the immediate family , but the extended family and their close buddies/ friends.    

Sangeet these days can get as creative as one can let their imagination run.  Some Sangeets have very innovative themes . The more modern Sangeet Ceremonies  is handled like an Event by itself which starts with a perfect venue to selecting the choreographer to arranging anchors, participants that come from the bride and bridegroom's family and friend circle while every minute detail from good to song , lighting, to cocktails and food selection to some antics to entertain their guests is taken into consideration. 

The age old tradition used to be very simple in the earlier days when the few friends of the bride would surround the bride to sing some traditional songs referring to her life after her marriage which was more to do with parents as they bid adieu to their daughter and get her ready to be a bride and leave for her in-laws home .    The ceremony that would offer some respite to the women of the house after the hectic wedding preparations.  

Today a Sangeet Ceremony has more to do with social importance and is celebrated on a grand scale.  It represents the exciting and fun-filled journey between two families which also serves as an ice-breaking  between them that adds on to the fun cheer along with the two hearts coming together in matrimony.