The Mehendi Significance



The Mehendi Significance

The beauty of Indian weddings comes with pre-wedding ceremonies and many other traditions. One of the most prominent is the Mehndi Ceremony associated with a special celebration, with delightful kangans, shining bindiyas, and hands that adorn the beautiful mehndi by the bride and her friends.   It's all about celebrating love with friends and relatives amidst music and dance. 

Mehndi is a very important ritual in Hindu and Muslim culture and the belief is 'Darker the Mehndi colour on a bride, the more she will be loved by her husband'  However there is a medical significance too.  Mehndi they say is like a stress reliever, it cools the body

Mehndi application is not just with the Mehndi powder or the ground leaves but they say adding eucalyptus oil and a little clove oil or drops of lemon adds to the darkening of the color and retaining it for many days.   The rich color not only looks very beautiful on a bride but it adds with the fragrance that is in anticipation of the festivity of the wedding that is celebrated with pomp and honor. 

Mehndi Ceremony is not just the reflection of the rich Indian Culture but also brings together many lovely sentiments and beliefs. The present trend is the Arabic Design and Indo-Arabic design and it's a tradition of writing the groom's name on the bride's mehndi design.   This is also for a ritual where the groom is made to search for his name to bring some light and enjoyable moments in midst of the wedding rituals.