No Awards, No Monetaries Or Commercials Gives Us That Satisfaction, What These Words Give Us! Our Aim Is To Always Create Memories For A Lifetime, And This Drives Us And This Is What We Work For.

Happy Family

Aman Mehra

Meghaa, Dhrishti and the whole team is a NO BRAINER. Unsurprisingly for us, this was the easiest decision of the entire wedding planning experience. They are one of the best in the country for a reason, and they deliver with passion, care and so much warmth - Incredible. Would recommend to anyone and everyone.

Pooja & Shriyansh

Hi Akansha and the team, Thank you very much for your wishes. You guys are family to us and not once did I feel like I was meeting you all for the first time. I cannot express in words how thankful I am, that you and your team made every effort to make my big day so smooth and memorable! There are so many other photographers, but what’s different about u all is the genuine care and connection with the client which will always stay as a memory along with the content...

Mansee & Raunak

Pranali thank you for making our wedding celebrations so very special! You have made us cry (particularly me, laugh and smile. Each of our family members appreciated you making their interview so comfortable and at the same time all powerfully nostalgic by your questions. Umang we simply love you! You have touched us beyond words by the help and support you provided us throughout this journey both pre-wedding and these last 3 days. You are officially now a part of the...


The overall experience with team israni has been seamless and easy! The whole of the team worked so wholeheartedly and was always on the go even though we had back-to-back events! The team was warm and courteous and at the same time skilled to understand what we want and were looking for! So a big big thank you to the entire team. Special mention for Drishti for managing everything so well.And good luck to the entire team for all the future events. Keep up the amazing...

Vidhi Kothari

Firstly, thank you team Israni for capturing my life’s most precious moments so beautifully.Huge shout out to Smit and the entire team Israni for being so easy-going, patient and for keeping up for our back-to-back events.Thank you so much for putting up such a great experience for us! I and my husband are obsessing over the final outcomes of the day and we are very happy to have had u capture our important day. Keep up the good work and Best wishes for you furture...

Sanskriti Chaturvedi

Beautiful experience is given by Israni photography! Thank you for the patience, what an amazing job from pre-production to post-production! Loved their work so happy we choose you.

Mrudal Tasgaonkar

We got Team Israni for our engagement ceremony and it was the most wonderful and seamless experience! Their entire team was extremely warm and flexible and did everything we asked for. I, as the bride, couldn't do my interview on the day of the event but Pranali very kindly arranged for me to do it at their office a few days later and she was very accomodating to our every need. Besides the kind and cheerful aura of the Israni team, the end result of the photos and...


To the entire team of Israni, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making this pre-wedding shoot the most awesome experience ever! We could have never imagined it to be so fun, amazing, and filled with so many laughs!! It affirms that we took the best decision choosing Israni and alleviates a lot of our tension. You have managed to bring all our excitement levels back to the top after these last few weeks of shopping and tension! Thank you so much, Umang ...

Debanjana Bhattacharya

We planned out Post wedding shoot with Israni Photography and I would like to say the experience was amazing The team, the dedication all of them had was amazing.They made sure whatever we have requested them they fulfilled all the requirements. Did everything possible to make us look good. We are very happy with the execution ..Pawan, Sanjay, Rahul, Krishna, and Arun thank you all of you for making this day so...

Tamanna Lunkad

Thank you so so so so much!! We have been obsessing over our photos and we are so happy we are absolutely in love with them and so is our family .You were great with your directions you captured the raw emotion in our eyes, the natural moments of pure bliss plus all the magic in between. We have no idea how we are going to choose our photos for the album!!! Thank you so much for capturing all our events so perfectly We are so glad that we decided to have Israni...


Team Israni did a fabulous job at my wedding. So glad we chose them. They are so patient and sweet. Special shout-out to Drishti.

Kajal Balani

We just saw all the pictures and I am speechless, SIMPLY AMAZINGMegha as always your team is FAB, i am so happy and so glad that your team was there to capture our big day,Thankyou so much And Akansha Thankyou so much for taking us through these 2 days so smoothly! You are a doll Entire team was AMAZING, every single person was 100% dedicated and Special mention to krishna , i was so tired at various points but he didn’t give up , infact none of the...


Hello Di,Our all the pictures are amazing we are so happy that you and your team was there with us on our most beautiful days of life ,thankyou so much 

Ria Shah

I feel the only way to revisit a special moment is through pictures and videos and Israni Photography has captured our wedding beautifully! I’m so glad I got them for our big day! We are very happy with how the photographs and videos have turned out. They have made sure to capture the right moments and emotions!

Isha Prasad

Amazing team with very talented photographers and videographers!! The owner Megha who is a gem travelled all the way from Mumbai just for us personally! Every photo, videos, reels has come out beautifully. I can never forget how comfortable they made me feel during the wedding! They went beyond the vendors and treated us like family. I will choose them for all the other functions as well in the!!!! ...

Vidhi Mehta

The whole Israni team was so wonderful in capturing our special day. At the end of the two days, they felt more like family than my photographers. Right from the first meeting, to the on day execution, Pranali was my go-to person. She and the whole Israni team made sure that the photos and videos brought out our love and each moment in the purest form possible. They made us feel so comfortable that the whole experience was super enjoyable and effortless. I want to thank...

Ramlah Merchant

Absolutely wonderful experience. I spoke to a lot of photographers but Israni’s process and the way they get to know the couple and really customise the entire experience is fabulous. It’s precisely why I chose them and all my friends helped in this decision. Pranali and Nishant made the effort to meet us and get to know us. The entire team did a spectacular job and by the end of it we all were so comfortable with each other. Pranali, Nishant and the team really...

Sunil Bansal

I wanted to thankyou Megha for standing beside Meghna just like her sibling and taking such good care of all her personal needs during the entire wedding. I honestly feel a soul connection with you from past life probably. I couldn't have pull it through without your support. You are a gem and Im glad Meghna found you. Hugs

Saket Agarwal

It has been an unforgettable journey, right from where we began to where we are moving forward to. Your efforts have led to memories which we will cherish for life. Only Love & Gratitude in our hearts and brought us to this....

Nikky Bardia

For everyone I have known Megha for almost 7 years now, what started with a professional meeting for my wedding has turned into a special bond which no words can do justice in description. Her Relaxed, personable approach will make you feel very welcome in the very first meeting. I've had to use other photographers in the past, but Megha with her team, one will always go back to every time for every occasion if the need arises. Her work is fantastic, somehow she will...

Nikhil Chanwani

Israni Photography is the one company that comes to my mind when the word wedding even remotely reaches my ears, so when it was my own, I had to go ahead with no one but Team Israni. Working with them has always been a pleasure. Be it my roka or my wedding, I cannot think of anyone else but Israni photography. The videos they shoot/ the photos they click add so much life to the memories, makes not only relive the moments but really makes our heart full. God knows how...

Khushboo Bhanushali

The wedding day is so full of multiple emotions and so many things happening at the same time. Being a bride, there is an avalanche of feelings that I went through. Me and my husband aren’t people who are very comfortable in front of the camera. But with Megha and team Israni Photography, it was such a smooth ride. It didnt feel like I was posing. They got me so comfortable and natural all along. To top it they are magicians who gave me memories that I’ll cherish...

Sushmita Bhandari

Wedding is a very important part of every persons life there’s so much joy emotions laughter dance masti sooo much preparation soo much of involvement of family, friends, loved ones guests artist the list goes on .Megha Israni and her team Israni photography makes me relive, re unite & cherish with all those moments, feelings, the preparation of the entire wedding every time I look at them. My beauty shots my dream that came true I just wanted everything perfect...

Shona N Chakravarti

As a bride, I truly believed that your wedding events last for a handful of days, but the memories that are made during that time last a lifetime... to capture the most nuanced moments in pictures and on film is an art, and I am so so happy that I chose Team Israni for the same! The execution of our wedding pictures, videos and reels was flawless, the follow up and customer service was brilliant and the team that came was super skilled and friendly. I found their...

Sanjana Kumar

Years later when you want to look back on your ‘big day’ the first thing that you’ll reach out for is your album. Israni Photography will make sure that when you revisit the album, all the memories come rushing back to you like it was yesterday! Unlike many other photographers, the team doesn’t force couples to do cliche photo shoots and customises the entire experience based on their likes.The best thing about them is that they’ll be a part of your wedding...

Harsh Patel

Choosing Israni Photography for our wedding was the best decision made, everything that we thought of, all our moments were captured so beautifully and candid. The team is full of enthusiasts and entire crew was really supportive and helpful throughout our wedding! There were no typical uncomfortable moments and photographs were captured with so much ease and comfort. We loved the support of entire crew and their work is simply amazing. The one thing We loved was their...

Raj G

Wedding is the best day of life and Photographer is the one who captures that best moments Israni Photography has just got the bulls eye when it comes to capturing the best moments for your best day. -Best Team -Best Output and Deliverables -Best Promoters (Luv and Megha themselves make sure everything is bang on when it comes to their work) -Best Editing We never thought we could look this good until we saw our Pre Wedding Film and Wedding Film Whole team makes...

Prayag Shabaradas

I had a wonderful experience dealing with israni photography and I’m glad I chose them for our event The following were my experience dealing with them - good planning and follow up - great customer relations - Timely completion of all the deliverables as requested Looking forward to working with the israni team once again for future! ...

Fiona Mehta

A little advice , you can skimp on any of the many expenses for your wedding , but do not under any circumstances compromise on the photographer , because the moment will be over in a flash , but the memories will last a lifetime ! These guys are the best in the business, hands down . The sheer dedication that I’ve seen In the team members, trying to get the best shots , relentlessly on their feet , at the same time showing utmost consideration for the comfort of the...

Nidhi Gupta

Absolutely THE BEST photographer around! Team Israni makes you feel at ease the entire time and truly captures the most amazing shots both unique and timeless. We are able to relive our wedding day over and over by looking through our photos and that is the biggest gift ever, Thank you again for everything!The instrument is not the camera but the photographer and thats the best part of Team Israni, you”ll find the best photographers would highly recommend Israni...

Prerna Bajoria

It was a complete delight to have Israni Photography on board! Megha and her team would go out of their way to make sure your special day is covered well and it really takes a lot of efforts to plan and create memories that last a lifetime ! They captured all the events beautifully and made a magnificent wedding film, which was loved by all my friends and relatives. Was very happy with her work and would highly recommend it to everyone whose looking out there for a...

Netrjaa Salla

Couldn’t have asked for any better wedding photographers. I loved the fact that during the first meeting itself, Megha had conceptualised the wedding trailer. They understood our requirements and were very co-operative. The team was also very friendly.We were very happy with the delivery of our wedding photographs.Within a month itself we got some edited pictures and in less than 2 months, we had all the photographs and videos with us. I would recommend them to...

Uurmi Kaurr

So I recently got an opportunity to work with Israni Photography, the whole experience was wonderful. Just loved how my work looked in the pictures. Working with them was very easy and fun. The whole vibe was very cool. Would love to do more & more weddings with them .Love the way they capture the special day and portray a beautiful story for years and years to remember . In absolute awe with their work. Kudos to Megha & her talented Israni family

Nikhil Pahuja

I absolutely loved the work of Israni Photography. They are certainly one of the best In town If not the best !Right from my pre wedding shoot till the post wedding editing, they were very supportive! They gave us exactly what we wanted! They have an excellent team! Was Extremely happy with their work! We would definitely recommend Israni Photography for your Special day!

Sanya Puri

The Israni’s did a fantastic job at our wedding! Each and every member of their team is so enthusiastic and so passionate about their job. The saying is true that when you love your work it doesn’t feel like work. And it stands correct for them. Megha is the sweetest person. Special mention to dhiraj and team for being so patient to capture the best moments of the biggest day of our lives. Thank you so much. I hope this review reaches many people and they choose you...

Nisha Ahuja

It’s such an art to capture and portray beautifully with what an event looks like but more importantly how it feels like. The entire team of Israni Photography has really done total justice to this. Brilliant work and support of the team to give us exactly what we wanted, or even better I should say. I can literally feel the experience and relive my wedding through their work. Can’t thank them enough!

Niloni Shah

Since before my engagement, I was super sure that only Israni Photography will be shooting my engagement & my wedding. I couldn’t have been happier! Megha & her team are BRILLIANT. Not only were they extremely supportive, they felt like family throughout! The wedding film & the pictures have captured every emotion so so perfectly. It has been a dream to work with them!

Bhairavi Jaiswal

We worked with them on a Wedding Faire at Renaissance Mumbai and the entire event was a huge success and what better, the manner in which it was captured and circulated around garnered immense applauds and recognition! They did an amazing job and were extremely cooperative with our adjustments and requirements! Extremely dependable and a lot of fun to work with!

Siddharth Casyab

Outstanding experience. We had a destination wedding in Pattaya, Thailand. The team was there with us from start to finish.Extremely friendly and professional.They made all the shoots fun. The most important part is the outcome. The pictures and videos were super and something we'll always cherish. Kudos to Team Israni. Keep up the good work!!

Pushpa Sarvanan

Planning a perfect wedding with Israni films is cherry on top as they will capture the best moments which will definitely be a picture perfect ones. I have several experiences working with them and they have the best team and yes if it quality no one can serve better than them. Advance team technologies techniques and upto the mark. The delivery of the product will be an amazing experience as it will make u realise how perfect your wedding was and these memories will...

Sajil Shah

Hi We are from Mumbai. We worked with Israni Photography for our engagement , wedding and pre wedding shoot (Europe). Would like to highlight 3 things 1. The videos and Photos have come really exclusive and so many people did compliment us for the same. 2. They have an amazing team which was never tired clicking and shooting us. Shooting with Luv Israni in Budapest was one of the best experience. 3. They have an amazing Editing team which always gave us more then we...

Vipul Roy

All i can assure you is when its about capturing or creating life time memories that they are the best in the business.I have known both Luv israni and megha israni for several years and i can vouch for their professionalism. They made my sister wedding look so beautiful that now i can just say ,that was the best decision. Leading their team is a man called Rahul and once you explain him things you can relax. He will make sure everything is captured beautifully.

Pritika Joshi

Having Israni photography capture our wedding was the best decision ever. They made sure that our special day was captured in the most beautiful way possible.Their team is excellent and I would suggest that anyone looking for a photographer/ videographer for their wedding should choose Israni without a second thought.

Komal Hire

I do not remember a time i had so much fun and felt so at ease while working with them.They were amazing and very co-operative. They know how to capture the best moments of someone's life. I feel the USP of the team is to make you so comfortable and relaxed that you end up being your natural self which they capture beautifully. Specially dheeraj and dhiren sir he understands the client's requirement and works accordingly.The team knows very well how to maximize the...

Pallavi Kingrani

Me & Dishant ( my husband ) were looking for photographers who could capture all the big precious moments for us. Israni Photography captured our memorable moments beautifully. We are in love with our short wedding film. The choices of song were veey apt and natural. We have watched the film a thousand and one times and still cant get over it! As its the best memory to us of our wedding in this stupid lockdown ( PS : our wedding was thankfully in feb when 2020 never...

Gayatri Gaddi

Beautiful memories and breathtaking pictures created by Israni team during my brothers wedding. They delivered the pictures and video beyond the set expectations. I must also mention that their presence during the wedding did not interrupt the rituals, as I have seen photographer interrupt to get the best shot. The team was of 9 people and did their absolute best in delivering the wedding memories- that we will cherish for the lifetime. I would highly recommend them for...

Abhishek Sheopori

There is a beautiful synergy in the team. They will help you with all your requirements. Went there looking for a team of exciting photographers for my upcoming wedding and met Meghna Israni there. Megha Israni is a wonderful person and listens to you, then she adds her views and ideas to make your photography come alive, with amazing styles and creativity. Looking forward to the day!!

Shalu Gupta

Amazing Amazing work guys! Kudos to the editing person, I think I met him personally too. Brought us a treat while watching it. Thanks a bunch to Pranali and team!


Megha, I can't thank your team and you enough! They've done such an amazing job on the same day edit,I can't wait to see the rest of it! Every single person on your team has been so friendly and understanding! Thanks a ton

Happy Family Through Screenshot